One of the common questions from my customers, after “what is blogging” is “why should I do it?”.  Folks are usually familiar with some of the larger blog outlets (even if they don’t know that they’re blogs) but don’t know how it works as a strategy for them.

Today too many blogs are being created, I feel lost in the information and inspiration…. Let’s contribute to already established blogs instead of creating new blogs.
Stop Launching Blogs, Start Contributing

To me, the point here is more about managing expectations.  It’s not so much that launching a blog is only valuable if you can be the Next Big Blog.  Blogging can serve a real purpose in the context of customer experience.

This blog, for example, isn’t so much about having millions of people read my words.  It’s more for the sub-set of folks checking out Site Street as a vendor.  And hopefully this blog will showcase our level of engagement with the latest trends and tools, as well as an outlet for those little bits and pieces of advice we so often use.  If I can link people to this blog to get that information, then I have more of a chance of piquing their curiosity to find out more about us.